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Swing with Shad

Blast off with Shad and his "way in" group!

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If you are wondering why you are on my Friends list:
I add everyone who responds to my lj posts to my Friends list. I started that when I was new to lj, and it hasn't grown unmanagable yet (although it may soon...)


Shad Daly

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MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/shadzane

(Bio below taken from my wedding web site at http://www.theknot.com/ourwedding/BethTallmadge&ShadDaly )

I grew up in the great state of Wyoming (although I somehow was born in Spearfish SD), mainly in Glendo, "Heart of the Platte". I am the oldest of three boys, amd I still have both my parents (although I recently lost the last grandparent) and one niece and another niece-or-nephew on the way. I grew up on a cattle ranch in my high school years, the ranch in Glendo where my parents and one brother are still.

I was graduated from the University of Wyoming in 1991, with a degree in Computer Science. After graduating, I got a computer support job at Sykes in Sterling, Colorado. I lived and worked there for five years before leaving for the big city of Denver. I worked on the Store Help Desk at Boston Market for a couple of years before being promoted into a programming job. However, I laid off from there in 2003 and found a job at RegOnline in Boulder, Colorado, doing computer support again at a really kick-ass small dot.com (but a good dot.com!). I love working for a small company but the commute is long and treacherous. "Pray for me, I drive 93"

My obsessions and collections include ANYTHING Little Mermaid related (including my Ariel tattoo), bobbleheads, comic books, Japanese Anime, pins for pin trading (a habit picked up after our first visit to Disneyland), Jelly Bellies and anything deep purple. I also love travel, now that Beth has shown me how. My cattle brand is a Flying Q: ^Q^



животные, 18+

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