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National Postcard Week: From My Collection

It's the final day of #NationalPostcardWeek, so I'm sharing some postcards from my collection.

I discovered several years ago that I have accidentally compiled a small collection of Bettie Page postcards, so here is one more I bought since then. I'm pretty sure the other women on the card are also 1950's pin-ups, although I can't name them. I'm also pretty sure they didn't go to Rhode Island for a photoshoot; I wouldn't be surprised if the same postcards was available with other place names on it.
Rhode Island postcard

Here's a more modern pin-up postcard. The two pictures are die cut, like you can remove them from the postcard. Maybe they are trading cards, or stickers? I'm not going to remove them (and ruin the card) to find out...
Cutty Sark postcard

This bit of cold war humor is signed Augusto De La Pava. I can't find much about him (or this postcard series) on the Internet. Don't you hate that? You get used to finding whatever information you want on the Web, and then it fails you...
New Clear Beach

Tomorrow's wallpaper

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