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National Postcard Week: May 5-11 2019

Hey, it's #NationalPostcardWeek again! So I am going to try to share some postcards every day (although my track record isn't great)!

For the first day, it's some random (but nice) postcards that I've received in the mail recently...

Victorian Horrors 2018 Postcard
These guys always come up with nice spooky promo cards!

RMC Showcase 2019 Postcard
Did not make it to this, but glad to see that they had one guest. They're one up on Casper Comic Con!

Starfest 2019 Postcard
I did attend this, and had a good time. They seemed a little short on guests; I guess the Shatner fee didn't leave much left over...

Tomorrow's wallpaper
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