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National Postcard Week: Denver Postcard Club

I dropped the ball on doing National Postcard Week posts last month, I must admit. But there is something I still want to show you! This is the 2018 NPW postcard from the Denver Postcard Club, an organization I belong to, and in fact I helped out with the whole card selection and printing process!
Denver Postcard Club's National Postcard Week 2018 card!

The artwork is by renowned postcard artist Rick Geary, and the subject is Red Rocks Amphitheater, another in our series of Denver-area landmarks. The band on the stage is Led Zeppelin, because 2018 is the 50th anniversary of Zep's first concert in the USA, which was in Denver (but not at Red Rocks)!

If you'd like a postcard, the club sells them for $1 -- or you get two free if you join! If interested, just let me know...

Tomorrow's wallpaper

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