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Postcards: Postcard show tomorrow!

Beth and I will be at the Denver Postcard & Paper Show tomorrow, staffing the Denver Postcard Club booth. Stop by and say hi!

To celebrate, here are some more postcards that came in the mail...
Salvador Dali Xmas card
A Salvador Dali Christmas postcard! Although it took me a while to realize it was a Christmas image, becaise I was looking at the surreal parts instead...

Perlmutter Xmas card
From our congressman...

Black-Eyed Pea
The top two postcards came Christmas 2016. This one came in 2008, I think...

Tomorrow's wallpaper

Recent pages I added to the DC Comics Database:
Baslyn (Earth-Two)
Dale Daring (Earth-Two)
Dan Maginnis (Earth-Two)
DC Super Hero Girls Halloween Fest Special Edition Vol 1 1
Ian Murray (Earth-Two)
Jeff Roberts (Earth-Two)
Sandor (Earth-Two)
Slim (Earth-Two)
Steve Conrad (Earth-Two)
Tex (Earth-Two)
Wonder Woman (comic strip)

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