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Rikki, Beastie, and Carrie (shared)

A free short story. Merry Christmas!

Originally posted by grrm at Rikki, Beastie, and Carrie
We've got a cool Christmas treat today for Wild Cards fans.

There's a brand new Wild Cards story up today on Tor.com. The title is "The Thing About Growing Up in Jokertown." It's from Carrie Vaughn, and it features two of your favorite Fort Freak beat cops, Rikki Michaelson and Beastie Bester, back when they were teenagers, long before they joined the force.

The cover is another cool one from John Picacio.

You can find it here:


Like all the fiction on Tor.com, you can read it for FREE. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

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