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Sabrina #76

Sabrina #76
In this issue, we learn Sabrina's secret past.

I think I already said that this is clever.  The comic-book Sabrina never really had a past before.  It was never explained why she lived with her aunts, except that it was what witches do.  But that didn't make her mysterious, because it was never dwelt on.  Now, by the simple act of pointing out Sabrina's lack of backstory in a story, Tania del Rio has transformed Sabrina into a teen of mystery.

But it didn't remain a total mystery for long, as this issue fill in much of the history (while still leaving some intriguing gaps).  Here it is (and notice that the general outline is taken from the sitcom):

Sabrina's father is a wizard from the Magic Realm, and her mother is a mortal.  They met and married and lived in the Mortal Realm.  Everything was fine at first, but when Sabrina was two her parents began fighting and later divorced.  (Sabrina thinks they were fighting because Dad had hid his magic heritage from Mom and she found out.)  After the divorce, Dad visited less and less often (it is unclear if Sabrina ever sees him now).  Sabrina's power began to manifest when she was 3 or 4, and she hid them from her mother (thinking she would not approve).  When Sabrina was in Kindergarten, she came home from school to find her mother gone and a mysterious goat-woman there.  The goat-woman tells Sabrina that her mother found out about Sabrina's powers and abandoned her!  The goat-woman takes Sabrina to the Magic Realm to live with her aunts, but the aunts soon move to the Mortal Realm because that's where Sabrina is more comfortable (they think).

Kind of dark, huh?  And lots of unanswered questions to be explored later, like:

What did Sabrina's parents really fight about?  Was Sabrina's mother really bothered by magic?  Who was the goat-woman?  What really happened to Sabrina's mom? Does Sabrina ever see her dad?  Are Sabrina's aunts really her father's sisters?  When they moved to the Mortal Realm, did Hilda & Zelda move to the city Sabrina was from, or someplace different?

We'll see, I guess...

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