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Halloween Wrapup

This year, the trick-or-treater count was way down from last year, only 37. Not the lowest we had since we started keeping records, but still a disappointment. I wonder if Halloween on Saturday gave kids many more things to do during the day so the didn't have to trick-or-treat at night?

We did the teal pumpkin thing this year, since we already give out comic books (and candy) anyway. Several parents noticed the sign, but no one asked for non-food only, so every kid got a candy bar and a comic book.

No real stand out costumes this year, but there was one kid dressed as an old man who stayed in character the whole time (much to his sister's annoyance), so points to him. There was also a young Donald Trump, who thankfully was not in character!

While preparing in the afternoon, we watched Monster High: Boo York, Boo York, which has cool character designs and amusing side jokes, but the main story is just drivel. While handing out candy, we watched Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla and Spooks Run Wild, both hosted by local horror hostess My Gal, the Zombie. Bela Lugosi is fitfully entertaining with a very wild plot which the writers didn't even try to resolve, instead falling back on the lame "it was all a dream" conclusion. (That may be a spoiler, but I hate that ending so much that I don't care!). Spooks is a standard haunted house comedy of the type that was already old in 1941 and it doesn't bring much new to the genre. The host was the best thing about both movies, but since this is on video (not commercial TV) and done essentially for fun, there isn't enough hosting. I can't wait to see future productions, now that she's on TV and presumably has to fill a time slot, add breaks for commercials, etc.

This is Mouscedes King from Monster High: Boo York, Boo York, I love that the only native "Boo Yorker" in the movie is a rat monster. I really want to see some fan art of her with a pizza...
Mouscedes King

Here's lead actress Charlita from Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla. Not a lot of pictures of her out there, so had to use one with watermarks...

And this is Dorothy Short from Spooks Run Wild, where she was a nurse, not a cavewoman...
Dorothy Short

Tomorrow's wallpaper
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