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Postcards: Sfera con sfera

Here are some more postcards that came in the mail...

Sfera con sfera
A postcard I sent myself from Italy, to see if the weird private mail service worked... and as you can see, it did, eventually.

Credit Union of Denver/Auto Aves
This is where I bought my car, and they are OK...

Direct Swap Mermaid 1
After I sent a bird postcard to Germany via Postcrossing, the recipient asked if I had any more. I had one, so I sent it to her, and she sent me two mermaid postcards! Not a bad trade...

Tomorrow's wallpaper

Recent cover scans I added to GCD:
Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #723

Recent pages I added to the DC Comics Database:
Blimpy (Quality Universe)
Courtney Fudd (Quality Universe)
Noodle (Quality Universe)
Perky (Quality Universe)

Tags: arnaldo pomodoro, auto sales, dc comics database, gcd, italy, mermaids, postcards, sculpture, vatican city, wallpaper

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