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Halloween wrapup

Once again, I didn't wear a costume for Halloween. I now work at home, so there was no Halloween party. And I took the day off anyway!

The trick-or-treater count this year was 54, just one down from last year. And we had fewer teens at the end of the night (I suppose they have better things to do on Friday), so the number of kids was up. Costumes included a tiny Ariel, the 11th Doctor and a Dalek, and a couple of Box Trolls (who were very glad to be recognized)!

While handing out candy, we watched three horror movies: The Alligator People, House of the Damned, and The Cabinet of Caligari. Alligator People is a fairly standard "science goes wrong and creates monsters" movie, Damned is a dumb haunted house flick, and Caligari is an interesting psychological puzzler -- and perhaps the least faithful remake ever!

Here's a short clip from The Alligator People, with Beverly Garland and Richard Crane (or an unnamed stuntman):
The Aligator People

Here's Merry Anders, star of House of the Damned:
Merry Anders

And this is Glynis Johns of The Cabinet of Caligari, although this picture is from Miranda, 15 years earlier:
Glynis Johns

Tomorrow's wallpaper
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