ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Archie & Friends #99

Archie & Friends #99
Once again, remember that this isn't a review; it is just some thoughts I had while reading the comic...

The Archie story (by new writer Scott Cunningham) is a OK example of the "Archie's incompetence saves they day" plot.  But one part bothers me: Archie gets a job as a pizza delivery boy.  His new boss is constantly docking his pay for infractions real and imagined.  This is illegal in real life, but hey it's just a funny story, right?  Except the boss isn't presented as an over-the-top comic figure (like Mr. Dithers or the Pointy-Haired Boss) -- he's just a dick.  So the whole thing comes across as if what he's doing is OK -- mean, but not wrong.  I'm sure that's not what they were going for...

I buy this comic for the Josie story, but there isn't much to be said about this one.  This story could have easily been done before the manga makeover without any changes...

Another Chuck story that can't find anything to say about Chuck and is really about everyone else. In this one, Chuck makes action figures based on the odd-yet-typical lives of Archie and the gang.  Really, if they can't come up with any better angle for Chuck stories, why bother?
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