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DC Comics Database

Lately, I've been adding pages to the DC Comics Database wiki. Mostly series from Fawcett comics. I'm not sure why... Here they all are, if you want to check them out:

Larry the Judge
Nyoka the Jungle Girl

Licensed Franchises
Captain Midnight
Nyoka the Jungle Girl

Comics series
Animal Fair
Battle Stories
Beware! Terror Tales
Bill Battle, the One Man Army
Billy the Kid
Bob Colt
Bob Swift, Boy Sportsman
Captain Midnight
Comic Comics
Don Winslow of the Navy
Down with Crime
Exciting Romances
Fawcett Movie Comic
Girls in Love (Fawcett)
Girls in Love (Quality)
G.I. Sweethearts
Golden Arrow
Hot Rod Comics
Lance O'Casey
Nyoka the Jungle Girl

Comics issues
Halloween Comic Fest 2013-Batman: The Long Halloween Special Edition #1
Nyoka the Jungle Girl #2

Tomorrow's wallpaper
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