ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Obscure DC Universe Characters: Rudy Roodoo

This is the last one.  I only did two...

Rudy Roodoo

Musicians Elvis West and Rudy Roodoo were childhood friends (in Scooter's home town, apparently). Elvis grew up to become a superstar rock singer, but Rudy never got his career off the ground. However, Rudy has a talent that West doesn't - Rudy can put hexes on people, thanks to his "evil eye." When you combine Rudy's powers with the fact that he is an egotistical jerk who likes to blame others for his own failings, you can be sure that mayhem will follow!

As the story opens, Scooter, Sylvester and Cookie discover the formerly rich and famous Elvis West about to be arrested for walking out of a restaurant without paying. After they pay his bill, Elvis tells Scooter and company that his sudden career downturn is due to being hexed by his childhood friend, Rudy Roodoo. Scooter doesn't believe in witchcraft, but decides to visit Rudy and find out his side of the story. Sylvester (who does believe in the evil eye) reluctantly accompanies him.

When Scooter and Sylvester meet Rudy Roodoo (and his crone-like mother), Rudy gladly confesses to hexing Elvis, and when Scooter scoffs, Rudy uses his evil eye to hex Scooter (and Sylvester) into being "Irresistible to all women!" They think that's not much of a hex, until they leave Rudy's house and are immediately descended upon by all of the women in the neighborhood, all fighting to get a kiss from them. After avoiding the mob, they decide that Rudy may have magical powers after all, and go back to ask him to remove the hex.

When they return, Rudy's mom refuses to let them in, and even throws a punch at Sylvester. He ducks, and she hits her son (who just arrived) in the left eye. Rudy angrily hexes Sylvester to break his arm within five seconds. When nothing happens, everyone realizes that Rudy's black eye has canceled his evil eye-based hexing powers - and Rudy becomes a sobbing wreck. Sure enough, two weeks later Elvis West is back to selling out concert halls.

(No one seems to realize that Rudy can probably re-hex Elvis when the shiner goes away.)



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