ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Ariel Pumpkin Push-In

Ariel Pumpkin Push-In
I should have probably saved this for the Countdown to Halloween next month, but I wanted to let everyone know it is a thing that exists. Most of these Pumpkin Push-ins feature a cartoon character's head, arms and legs, all on spikes so you can push them into a pumpkin and make a character figurine with the pumpkin being the character's torso (as seen here). Ariel is different, she has only one spike below her waist, so you put her on top of a pumpkin which becomes her pelvis and legs!

I bought mine at a Spirit Halloween store, and I can't find it online, so I guess you should go to Spirit too if you want one...

Tomorrow's wallpaper
Tags: ariel, countdown to halloween, halloween, jack o' lanterns, spirit, wallpaper

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