ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Postcards: The guy sems to enjoy Heaven...

Here are some more random postcards that came in the mail...

This is from a church that wants me to drop by on Easter. Im a fat, balding guy, so i assuming they knew that and tailored the postcard to me...
Faith Mountain

I'm sure I'll be going to Starfest this year, but I haven't bought tickets yet. It will be spread over three hotels this year, and I'm not sure how that will work. It's time for them to move to the Convention Center, they are just too big for where they are...

Opera Colorado needs money, but I'm not sure why they think I will give them some...
Opera Cplorado
Tomorrow's wallpaper

Recent cover scans I added to GCD:
AG Super Erotic Manga Anthology #10
Betty and Veronica #204 (newsstand)
Darkstalkers #3 (cover b)
Life With Archie #27
Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge #339
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