ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Valentine's Cecaelia

Cecaelia by Chiara Bautista
From Eros Art
By Chiara Bautista (aka Milk)

I should come up with themes for my blogging, to make daily posting easier. Like, on Wednesday I'll post blah, and on Thursday I'll post bleh, etc. I have actually been posting mermaids by sinicallytwsted every Monday for a while now, but I've never came out and announced that. So, here we go: Every Monday will be Mermaid Monday! I will be sharing mermaids from sinicallytwsted until I run out, then I will find mermaids elsewhere.

This doesn't mean I won't post mermaids on other days of the week too. I love posting mermaids!

Tomorrow's wallpaper
Tags: amy fletcher, art, birds, cecaelia, chiara bautista, mermaids, milk, piercing, valentine's day, wallpaper

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