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We saw Lincoln at the same time we saw Argo, so yeah, two historical moview in a row. It's a very good movie, and Daniel Day-Lewis is outstanding! I do have a few complaints, but they are just things I want to talk about -- on the whole, I recommend the movie!

The title is not good; It leads you to expect a biopic of Abraham Lincoln, and the movie is not that. It is the story of Lincoln's attempt to pass the 13th Amendment (banning slavery) through the House of Representatives, and it takes place over just a 2-3 month period. It should be called Lincoln's Greatest Battle or Lincoln and the 13th or something like that.

Also, the movie ends oddly. After the main story is over (no spoilers on that), the movie jumps forward to the end of the Civil War, which makes sense because the end of the war was important to the story of the the 13th Amendment. But then it jumps forward again to Lincoln's assignation, for no reason that I can see. They should have stopped at the end of the war...

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