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Postcards: Eggs and motor oil

Here are some more random postcards that came in the mail...

Another plastic postcard! And for a resturant named after the book and movie that started the whole Ma and Pa Kettle franchise. I think this postcard is going to work to get me to visit the place...

Will this postcard also work to get me to O'Reilly? If I need auto parts, I guess...

On the back, this postcard tell me places where I can go mail a package that aren't quite post offices. They are both open past noon on Saturday, so this is information I can use!

The only politician sending postcards this campagin is Rick Enstrom, and he is sending lots of them! I'm not voting for him, and I'm not going to post all the postcards either...

Tags: auto parts, breakfast, ma and pa kettle, politics, postcards, rick enstrom, the egg and i, usps

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