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Postcards: Political mailings start here...

Here are some more random postcards that came in the mail... This is not Halloween-related, but I don't want to get too far behind on postcards...

The radio said that a flood of political mailings would have started by now, but it hasn't been that bad, much less mail that four years ago. Heck, less than two years ago! And only one guy has been sending postcards -- State House candidate Rick Enstrom. Too bad for him that I have no intention of voting for him (go Max Tyler!)...

Rick Enstrom
Rick Enstrom
Here's a second postcard from Advanced Family Dental. On first look, it appears to feature the same parents as the last card, but different children. What'd they do, trade the kids in on some new ones? (When I look closer, maybe those are different parents too, but they are clearly the same type of models...)

Advanced Family Dental
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