ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

We demand to know! -- M

Are these mutants still mutants? Marvel must tell us now!

Marked Man: He has limited mind-reading powers -- he can read your guilty secrets.  And he has tattoo-gun fingers that he likes to use to tattoo your secrets onto your forehead.  Not a nice guy...
Mer-Mutants: A group of Lemurian mutants that includes a mermaid!  I hope she's still around -- Marvel needs more mermaids!
Mister One and Mister Two: I have not been including supposedly-dead characters, but I have to break that rule for this character because he is so freaking cool!  He's one guy with two bodies -- one is 1-inch high with telepathy, and the other is 8-foot tall with super-strength.  He can switch back and forth at will.
Mother Inferior:  She can control rats and cockroaches.  I guess with that power set, living in the sewers might make sense...

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