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30 Days of Monster Girls, 1-7 (shared)

Originally posted by plunderpuss at 30 Days of Monster Girls, 1-7
If you haven’t already seen the meme, there’s a list of “monster girls” that some artists are interpreting one day at a time. I decided to do it, but I’m going to post a week at a time (and probably nine on the last day) so I’m not flooding everything with monster girls!
monster girls 1 - 7, by Puss in BootsL to R, T to B: harpy, centaur, slime, naga, mermaid, spider girl, plant girl. (I’m not sure why the last two ended up wearing dresses instead of being entirely monster.)

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Tomorrow's wallpaper
Tags: centaurs, harpies, mermaids, monsters, nagas, puss in boots, sharing, wallpaper

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