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Despite the fact that I officially don't care about Marvel's mutant comics, I'm reading X-Men: The 198.  I think I'm more interested in the mechanics of the whole thing myself... how and why did they pick which mutants kept their powers, and which ones didn't?  Who of the so-far-unseen mutants kept their powers?  Why did they pick on Jubilee (this question just an excuse to link to Tanya Del Rio's cool Jubilee picture)?

I love The Appendix to the Handbook of the Marvel Universe website, so I thought I'd consult their listing of obscure mutants to find some of the most interesting forgotten mutants who almost certainly lost their powers:

Aardwolf: A crimelord who looks like an aardwolf, for no particular reason
Adahm: A telekinetic French midget who robs banks
Amber: A lizardy college student who can shapeshift, but only in her sleep
Anti-Matter: A skeleton in a space suit who looks like a Scooby-Doo villain

And that's just the letter A!

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