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Pocket Princesses Comics by Amy Mebberson (shared)

Originally posted by mdmbrightside at Pocket Princesses Comics by Amy Mebberson
Amy Mebberson, also known as Mimi-Na on DeviantArt (artist for the internet-famous Retro Disney Pin-Up series), is a comic artist for Disney•Pixar (The Muppets, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo). She loves Disney, is a wonderful artist, and has a great sense of humor.

She just started a Pocket Princess series on her Tumblr, featuring the Princesses interacting with one another to mixed results. arielstreasures turned me on to this and the comics are really funny! Amy hopes to have a comic every Friday, so here's hoping there's more!

Tomorrow's wallpaper
Tags: amy mebberson, ariel, flounder, pocket princesses, sebastian, sharing, tiana, wallpaper

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