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Red and Green (shared)

Originally posted by chelseavision at Red and Green
Ok so my computer totally crashed the other day :( I think it's a RAM issue and I've ordered some new RAM which will be here during the week, and then I will try to fix it. I'm hoping that's the issue or else it's really going to suck to lose all the stuff I didn't back up. Anyway, so the Frosty Lady set has been put on hold. I was in the middle of editing it and it's stuck on my crashed comp. I still have the originals on my camera so if I can't fix my computer I will be able to start over on them, but I want to see if I can fix it first and save myself the time. I am currently working on my old crappy laptop. It's slow and has a super old version of photoshop on it, but at least I can still work! Here is my latest update:

Tags: chelseavision, christmas, panties, sharing

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