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Josie Jones?

Soon I will be reviewing Archie & Friends #96 and Sabrina the Teenage Witch #72, the two latest comics to contain manga-style Josie and the Pussycats stories.  But first, I wanted to ask this question, brought up by the folks on the archieandfriends mailing list:  Why has Josie been renamed Josie Jones?  In the past, she's had two different last names: James and McCoy.  After Josie McCoy was used in the movie, I thought it would be permanent, but I would understand the return to the original Josie James too.  But Josie Jones?  Why?

P.S.: I'm asking here hoping taniadelrio will see it.  If she doesn't, I'll go to her journal and ask her there.

P.P.S: If you're interested, Valerie uses her original last name Smith in Archie & Friends #96 (it was Brown in the movie).  Melody's last name isn't mentioned, but it was originally Jones, and Valentine in the movie.  I hope they go with Melody Valentine -- I love that name!

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