ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Flare #30

First in a series of reviews of recent comics:

This is from Heroic Comics, who published a small line of super-hero comics in the late 80s and early 90s, went out of business, and are now back.  And they came back starting right where they left off, starting Flare where it left at #25 (for example).  So it shouldn't surprise anyone that this Chrissie Claus story is continued from The Adventures of Chrissie Claus #2 back in 1993!  What's more surprising (and disappointing) is despite waiting 12 years to finish their story, they don't finish it!  Yes, it's continued next year (or 12 years from now, if they go out of business again).

So, is it worth the wait? No, not really. Chrissie Claus is Santa Claus's teenage granddaughter, and she's trying to rescue a friend of hers from the Christmas-hating villain Cernunnos.  It reads more like a poorly-disguised super-hero plot with some jokes thrown in than a real Christmas story, and the art is good but not spectacular. As a plus, it does have two pages of paper dolls, so that's something...
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