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From my collection...

One of the little projects I have going on is uploading my small original art collection to (Note to fellow procrastinators: Having many projects going on at once is a good way to insure none of them ever get completed!) So today I scanned some in and I figured I'd share the scans here too...

Terrell Smith-Dorfeo

Mermaid by Terrell Smith-Dorfeo

Purple-tail mermaid by Terrell Smith-Dorfeo

Shon Howell

Black Cats Never Lucky by Shon Howell

Peter Gullerud

Ariel (The Little Mermaid) by Peter Gullerud
This scan is a little soft because the painting didn't quite fit my scanner.

Tomorrow's wallpaper
Tags: ariel, art, catgirls, mermaids, my art collection, peter gullerud, shon howell, terrell smith-dorfeo, wallpaper

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