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Postcards: Frozen Dead Guy Days

We got these postcards at Frozen Dead Guy Days back in March.  What's interesting about them is that they are photos of events that happened that day -- The postcards are photos of the parade (which was at noon), the polar plunge (1:00 pm) and the coffin races (2:00 pm), and we bought them around 4:00 pm!  I think that's pretty amazing, and while I suppose the technology to do this has been around for a while, I don't think I've ever attended another event that does this.  Have anyone out there seen this done somewhere else?

Frozen Dead Guy Days 2011 postcard 1

Frozen Dead Guy Days 2011 postcard 2

Frozen Dead Guy Days 2011 postcard 3

Frozen Dead Guy Days 2011 postcard 4

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