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Gift art!

Here's some gift art I've gotten in the last few months... Thank you everybody!

From piyo_halliwell, in a Christmas card that came in today's mail:
Christmas card mermaid by Dana

From dexter_cockburn, on an envelope when I ordered some comix from him:
Envelope mermaid by Dexter Cockburn

From bougieman, these are dedication drawings in his books Cinema Sewer vol. 1 & 2:
Book dedication drawing by Robin Bougue

Book dedication drawing by Robin Bougue

Aren't these all amazing?  And if you order the Cinema Sewer books direct from bougieman  (before Jan 15 2011), he'll do drawings in the books for you too!  If you order comix from dexter_cockburn, he may or may not give you a drawing on the envelope, but you'll have some swell comix either way...

Tomorrow's wallpaper
Tags: ariel, art, christmas cards, dexter cockburn, gift art, mermaids, my art collection, robin bougie, wallpaper
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