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Waking Sleeping Beauty

Ariel and Flounder
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We saw Waking Sleeping Beauty yesterday at the Starz Film Center.  I gotta say, if you have any interest in Disney animation (or animation history, or film history) at all, you have to see this movie.  For a documentary about making cartoons, it is surprisingly moving.  And very candid -- I'm a little surprised Disney approves of the film (but I guess everyone shown in a negative light is now gone from the company).  If it comes to your town, see it!  Fellow Denverites, it plays thru Thursday, so it is not too late...

The showing we went to had a live introduction by director Don Hahn, but he wasn't able to stick around for Q & A afterward (he had to catch a plane).  And then we had to deal with a flat tire when we got back to the car... blech!

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