ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Wheatland: A Place for Hate

I grew up in tiny tiny Glendo, Wyoming, where there was always some resentment of "big town" Wheatland, Wyoming, our county seat and bully partner in the school board. So when I discovered that Wheatland was in the news for removing "No Place for Hate" banners from the high school because those banners carried the logo of the Gay and Lesbian Fund for Colorado, I felt some schadenfreude. Wheatland is now A Place for Hate, at least for hating gays.  Apparently forgot they were in the Equality State...

Here's a petition to sign, if you want to let the school board know how you feel.  And here's an interesting blog post putting Wheatland's actions into context with some other recent news stories.  And you should also visit Wheaterville, the plucky alternative Wheatland news blog where I first heard about this story...

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