ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Weekend plans

This weekend, we are going to retry the trip to Wyoming that we aborted two weeks ago.  We are both mostly over our colds, so I guess only the weather can stop us now!

Next weekend is Frozen Dead Guy Days!  Not even the weather can stop that, because wintery weather is welcome.  So, is anyone else out there going?  I think I got my brother Jack and his family talked into joining us...

Speaking of upcoming events, here's a widget showing things that I have shown an interest in on  I'm not really going to all these events -- many of them are just on the list because I added them to Upcoming and I want to keep track of them.  But I'm sure they are all fun:

EDIT: Well, that didn't work at all.  Bad widget!

Today's wallpaper

Tomorrow's wallpaper

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