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Hey!  I'm here... we didn't go away for the weekend after all, because Beth has a pretty bad cold.  And now today, I am catching the cold too.  Feh...

One thing I did in my illness this morning is finally watch the last episode of Huntik that I recorded last summer.  In honor of that, here's some Huntik links:

Huntik cosplay
a blog post with lots of screencaps
Some early artwork with the characters looking different

Also, here's a birthday shoutout to my brother Gene (another reason we were going to go to Wyoming this weekend).  Sorry to miss your birthday bro!

Today's wallpaper
Tomorrow's wallpaper

Recent cover scans I added to GCD:
CMX Manga Sampler nn
CMX Manga Sampler #2
CMX Manga Sampler #[3]
Futaba-kun Change: "A Whole New You!" vol. 1
Futaba-kun Change: "Secrets Revealed!!" vol. 6
Futaba-kun Change: "To Win My Heart!" vol. 7
Futaba-kun Change: "Unidentified Foreign Origin!" vol. 8
Maburaho vol. 1
Prétear vol. 1
Prétear vol. 2
Prétear vol. 3
Prétear vol. 4
Rave Master vol. 18
Reality Check vol. 1
Reality Check vol. 2
The Undoubtedly Kawaii Collection
W.i.t.c.h. Graphic Novel #7

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