ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Lost Quest for Camelot?

Lost season 6 begins tomorrow! We just finished watching season 5 on DVD, so we are all ready.  Bring it on!

Quest for Camelot isn't a very good movie, but when it came out I was impressed with the product art.  The character designs aren't bad (except for the stupid two-headed dragon), and the anonymous product artist did a real good job of bringing them to life.

So imagine my surprise when I saw those drawings on DeviantArt.  "Look at that, someone traced the product art and is claiming it as their own."  But I was wrong -- turns out the artist who drew those pictures is on DeviantArt and has posted his original drawings!

Here's my favorite of the pictures, and links so you can see the rest:
Humble Kayley by Jerome-K-Moore
Humble Kayley by Jerome-K-Moore

Tomorrow's wallpaper

Recent cover scans I added to GCD:
Archie & Friends #139
Archie's Pal Jughead Comics #199
Avengers vs. Atlas #1
Grant Morrison's Doctor Who #1
Grant Morrison's Doctor Who #2
Thunderbolts #140


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