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We saw Avatar on Saturday night after some waffling about if we really wanted to go or not. It turned out to be a very good idea, because Avatar is a very entertaining movie. The story is something you have seen before (several times), but it not a bad story, and it's told well. And the graphics and worldbuilding and 3D and all that stuff is totally amazing. Really, you gotta see this.

A few nitpicks:
  • Why does Sigourney Weaver's character smoke? 150 years in the future? In a controlled-environment scientific laboratory? Really?
  • The organization who runs mining on Pandora is a corporation, not a government. This point is stressed in the movie. Any large corporation today is multinational, with employees all over the world (the small corporation I work for still has employees in China, England and Australia), and I don't see that changing in the future. But everyone in Avatar (well, everyone human) is apparently American. I don't buy that either...
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