ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Back from Thanksgiving

We are back from Thanksgiving, and now it's time for Christmas! That's right, I get to set up the gift wrapping room this afternoon so Beth can wrap gifts to sent to PA. Also, I've been working on the Christmas Specials Wiki... there seem to be just three or four contributors, so come along and contribute what you know!

Wrapping up another holiday, I linked to bri_chan 's Halloween in Disney's California Adventure earlier, so now here's the links to her Halloween in Walt Disney World (in two parts): Part 1 Part 2

Today's wallpaper
Tomorrow's wallpaper

Articles added to Wikipedia:
Christmas Do-Over
Like Father, Like Santa

Tags: breasts, christmas, flickr, halloween, kegs, links, thanksgiving, wallpaper, walt disney world, wickipedia, wikis

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