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How do you use up all of a Visa gift card online?

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On my birthday, the folks I work with gave me a $70 online Visa gift card. Very nice of them. I've spent most of it, and I had $23.38 left -- until the card company took off a $5.95 monthly service fee! Bastards...

So now, I want to spend it before I loose any more money. But what can I buy online that costs as close as possible (without going over) to $17.43? I tried to buy this t-shirt, but with postage it comes to $18.94.  I could always buy something on Amazon, but I really don't want to pay $5 postage on a $12 item.

So, does anyone know of an on-line retailer that lets you split your payment between two cards, so I could buy something that cost $20 or so, and pay $17.43 on the gift card and pay the balance on another card?  Or does anyone have a suggestion for a $17 item (including postage)?

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