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Well, so much for that...

The Little Mermaid
Originally uploaded by selphie10
My big plan for Ariel's 20th anniversary was to create a Bloggers Unite page for the event, so everyone who wanted to could blog about The Little Mermaid on Nov. 17 and then all the posts could be linked together to a central hub.  But I should have done it six moths ago, when I first had the idea (after seeing the Transformers 25th anniversary page).  Today, I tried, but I am too late -- the event must be at least a week in the future.  Oh, crabcakes!  Well, please enjoy the Ariel wallpaper below...

Tomorrow's wallpaper

Articles added to Wikipedia:
A Chance of Snow
The Christmas Secret
A Dennis the Menace Christmas
Santa, Jr.
Stealing Christmas

Tags: ariel, flickr, the little mermaid, transformers, wallpaper, wikipedia

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