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Yesterday was movie day!

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Yesterday, Beth and I saw three movies (and didn't get much else done)!  It started at 10:00 am, with a free preview showing of Astro Boy.  I haven't seen (or read) very much Astro Boy before (altho I am certainly familiar with the character's importance and general plot outline), so I can't say how faithful it is (in fact, a little research seems to be showing it is more faithful that I had guesed).  I can say it's a very watchable movie, not great but certantly entertaining.  However, the character design is all over the place, with the existing characters looking like very close to the original Osamu Tezyka designs, and the new characters looking like generic 3-D animation characters.  Also, Nicolas Cage (as Dr. Tenma) is not a very good voice actor.

Right after that, we saw Where the Wild Things Are in the same theater.  It was pretty amazing.  I don't know if kids should see it (altho Maurice Sendak thinks that's a stupid question), but I reccomend it to adults.  The wild thingsare awesome, and Max is just a kid trying hard to be a king...

Later that evening we went with our friend Scott to see Whip It, another good movie.  It's just a lot of fun.  It make me want to see Ellen Page in X-Men Origins: Kitty Pryde!

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