ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

More Picspam

More pictures that I have collected over the years to use in my blog here, but then I never used for one reason or another. Some of them may have been used somewhere else (like mermaid_lagoon  or partofthatworld  ), but most weren't ever used anywhere. But they are still good... enjoy!
Beth and I at Disneyland in 2005.  Beth is usually better at Astro Blasters than I am, but I think she had some technical difficulties...
Harve Presnell, R.I.P.
"How to Confuse Your Neighbors".  Right.  That's why he's doing it...
The mascot of Dante's Key West, a marina restaurant in Key West.  I bought the t-shirt, of course.

Tags: andy barker p.i., andy richter, brevity, buzz lightyear astro blasters, comic book covers, dante's key west, disneyland, harve presnell, henry aldrich, key west, lady cop, mermaids, picspam, t-shirts, wallpaper
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