ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

More links...

More links, because I've got lots of them saved up...

Dragonella: A silly Wally Wood fairy tale parody from 1969

A Christmas mermaid.  Posting it now because you never know if it will be there come Christmas-time...

And using similar logic, here's a snow-mermaid:
someones mermaid!

A pin-up Gil Kane did for Sin City...

A real-life Caitlin Fairchild

What's a browser?  This is interesting to me because I test web software for a living; you may not be as interested....

How Apartment 3-G is written...

OK, that's enough for now!

Tomorrow's wallpaper

Tags: apartment 3-g, browsers, christmas, fairchild, gil kane, links, mermaids, myspace, sin city, snowmen, wallpapers, wally wood

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