ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Archie to choose betweeen Betty & Veronica (in a possible future that doesn't mean anything)

So who has seen this news story making the rounds?: Finally, Archie will pick either Betty or Veronica

Good for ArchieCo, getting this story picked up by the national media.  But bad for the national media, for treating the story like it's going to really mean anything.  It may turn out to be a good, fun story, but if the media thinks that the other Archie writers are going to treat this story as the future for Archie and the gang and not contradict it, then they don't know how things work at ArchieCo...

Here's a video from the Rachel Maddow Show that takes the right tone, I think -- have fun with the story, but don't treat it like breaking news or hot gossip:
OK, I can't get the video to embed.  So please go see it here instead!

Video stolen from Comics Worth Reading
Tags: archie, betty, kent jones, rachel maddow, veronica

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