ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

The Big T-Shirt Giveaway, Part VIII

And now we have reached the end of my t-shirt giveaway.  These are the last five shirts I have to give to the masses (at least, until I clean my closet again).  So please, help yourselves!

The Rules:

  • If you would like one of the t-shirts listed below, just leave a comment with your name and address (and what shirt you want) and I will send the shirt to you! No charge, free, gratis!
  • If you can't make up your mind, I will gladly send one chosen at random!
  • Yes, I will ship internationally (why not...)
  • Open to fellow LiveJournal users and anyone else too (if you aren't on lj, better leave your email address).
  • Comments are screened, so no one but me can see your address.
  • Limit one shirt per person.
The Shirts:

Spencer's - Rooster Comparison
Size: XL Shirt Color: Green
A gift from my friend Scott who knew it was too small for me, but thought I'd find it funny. And I do find it funny (and rude), but since I can't wear it I am passing it on. And don't worry, Scott didn't pay anything for it -- he got it at a while elephant party!

Rainforest Cafe - Las Vegas
Size: XXL Shirt Color: Red
Cha!Cha! the frog bursting out of a spade.

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund - Terry Moore
Size: XL Shirt Color: Black
Another shirt from back when I could wear XL. A great shirt with the gremlins of censorship setting fire to the constitution.  And my money has already went to the CBLDF, so you can enjoy the shirt guilt free...

Monty Python - Monty Python Bites
Size: XXL Shirt Color: Khaki

Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Size: XL Shirt Color: Green
It's the image of Sabrina from this comic book cover. Really one of my favorites, but so it goes. Does have two small white spots near the bottom hem, looks like shirt came too close to some bleach.

All shirts have been worn, but no stains, holes or tears (unless noted). If the shirts are not claimed, they will eventually go to Goodwill (or maybe eBay if I get ambitious).

Previous T-Shirt Giveaway posts (still active!): III IV V VI VII

Recent cover scans for GCD:
I Hate Gallant Girl #3
Sad Sack Laugh Special #72
Sabrina the Teenage Witch #99
Tags: big t-shirt giveaway, cbldf, gcd, monty python, rainforest cafe, roosters, sabrina, spencer's, terry moore

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