ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Cheap Back Issue flashback

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As promised, here the comics that I got five-for-a-dollar last week at Time Warp.  Look at the age of two of these...

Little Lotta #87 (December 1969)
Little Lotta #97 (July 1971)
Mack the Knife: Monochrome Memories (1990)
Real Screen Comics #26 (October-November 1946) -- It is in bad shape...
Red Ryder Comics #74 (September 1949) -- It's even worse!
Samurai Squirrel #1 (1986)
Shadowpact #15 (September 2007)
Shadowpact #16 (October 2007)
Shadowpact #17 (November 2007)
Thrillogy #1 (January 1984)

Tags: cheap back issues, little lotta, mack the knife, red ryder, samurai squirrel, shadowpact, the fox and the crow, tim conrad, time warp, zemanta
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