ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Cheap Back Issue bonanza!

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Yeah, I bought some more quarter box comics today yesterday.  Time Warp just keeps on putting good stuff in there!  (I haven't even told you about last week's haul yet.  Maybe later...)

Beowulf #1 (April-May 1975)
Everything's Archie #36 (October 1974)
Fear #26 (February 1975)
Madhouse #96 (August 1975)
Sad Sack & the Sarge #111 (February 1975)
Sad Sack Laugh Special #72 (July 1973)
Savage Combat Tales #3 (July 1975)
Swamp Thing #16 (May 1975)
The Twilight Zone #79 (August 1977)
The Twilight Zone #86 (August 1978)

Tags: archie, beowulf, cheap back issues, fear, len wein, madhouse, sad sack, swamp thing, time warp, twilight zone, zemanta

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