ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

What I Need meme

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Go to google
Type in your first name and the word 'needs'
Copy the first five results that come up.

  • Shad needs some volunteers (Line forms on the left...)
  • Shad Needs A Myspace! (But I've already got one...)
  • Shad needs to get his CD into Soundscapes (stat!) and the Guelph record store (Daydream Nation). (I got it into Yankee Candle, but that didn't move it at all...)
  • Shad needs to contact Dempsey about this property and also contact Glenn Green in Harlan about property in Harlan County (I don't think I want to live in Harlan County...)
  • Shad needs to step down since he can't seem to manage himself. (Who does he think he is?)

I think I may have done this before, but if I did I got different responses then because I don't remember any of these...

From midniterose 
Tags: guelph, harlan county usa, memes, myspace, zemanta
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