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Cheap Back Issues today!

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I only bought one new comic today, so I felt OK about getting some from the quarter bin too:

The Agency #1 (August 2001)
The Agency #2 (September 2001)
The Agency #3 (October 2001)
The Agency #4 (December 2001)
The Agency #5 (February 2002)
iCandy #1 (November 2003)
iCandy #2 (December 2003)
iCandy #3 (January 2004)
iCandy #4 (February 2004)
iCandy #5 (March 2004)
Jet #1 (November 2000)
Jet #2 (December 2000)
Jet #3 (January 2001)
Jet #4 (February 2001)
Marvel Age #49 (April 1987): A Christmas cover with Groo!

Turns out both The Agency and iCandy only lasted 6 issues.  So if I really like them, I've only got one more issue to track down...
Tags: cheap back issues, groo, icandy, jet, marvel age, the agency, zemanta
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