ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Frozen Dead Guy Days 2009

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We went to Nederland (Motto: A dog in every Subaru) this afternoon for Frozen Dead Guy Days. We saw the parade and the coffin races and between them we had a nice lunch at a Nepalese restaurant.

Two of the racing teams were based on the "octomom" story, with the eight pallbearers representing the eight babies, and the body in the coffin representing the mom. But I thought the best costumed team was the Flying Spaghetti Monster team, with members including a pope, Charles Darwin, and of course a pirate, with the coffin-rider being the FSM Himself (with many noodley appendages). In the parade, they even handed out tracts explaining FSMisim.

But the best part of the day may have been the mountain snow showers. Snow is kinda fun when it's 32 degrees out and you know the snow is not going to inconvenience you in any way...
Tags: charles darwin, flying spaghetti monster, frozen dead guy days, octomom, snow, zemanta
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