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Image by Randi Mason via Flickr
We saw Coraline on Sunday in 3D, and I recommend that you see it in 3D too.  It's really amazing the amount of artistry in the movie, so it's good to see it on a big screen with depth added.  And the movie also has an engaging and very creepy story to match the visuals...

Sometimes, I write these posts using a Firefox add-in called ScribeFire.  Now ScribeFire has just added a feature where it reads your post and finds photos that may match.  It is a collaboration with another service called Zemanta, and I just used it to find and add the Coraline pic.  I think I will be tryng it out in the next several posts - so if a make a picture choice that seems unusual, that's what's going on...
Tags: coraline, firefox, movie reviews, scribefire, zemanta

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