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Cheap Back Issues again

Me as Ariel
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A slow week for comics, so I raided the quarter box again and found these gems:

(Mary Roberts Rinehart's) The Bat #1 (August 1992): I don't think this is a straight adaptation of the original mystery novel, because it doesn't make any sense...
Bombast #1 (April 1993)
Danger Girl: Body Shots #2 (July 2007)
Eclipse Monthly #7 (April 1984): Who knew Mark Evanier and Mike Sekowsky created a super-heroine named Nightingale?
Flare #10 (February 1993)
Flare #11 (April 1993)
Flare First Edition #7 (April 1993)
Flare First Edition #11 (October 1993)
Sun-Runners #3 (May 1984): The Sun-Runners story is standard space opera, but in the back is a hard-boiled detective parody starring a ventriloquist's dummy named Mike Mahogany, with art by Paul Smith!  I wasn't expecting that...
Tales of the Green Berets #4 (2000)
Tags: ariel, bombast, cheap back issues, danger girl, eclipse monthly, flare, flickr, mark evanier, mary roberts rinehart, mike mahogany, mike sekowsky, nightingale, paul smith, sun-runners, tales of the green berets, the bat

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